Veteran doctor facing uncertain future

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The Mulgoa Road upgrade is a win for many, but whenever there’s a winner, there’s inevitably a loser.

Owner of Glenmore Park Medical Centre, Dr Adrian Sheen, was devastated when he was notified that his practice, which sits on the corner of School House Road in Regentville, was in the firing line of the upgrade.

As he continues to fight for his legacy, Dr Sheen claims the State Government has done nothing but “bully and misinform” him.

“Money is not the issue, it’s about the principle of them abusing their power to close down businesses and medical services,” he said.

“I met with Tanya Davies three times, why does she, the Minister for Ageing, think that taking away local medical care is beneficial for the elderly in Glenmore Park and Regentville?”

Due to the road widening, Dr Sheen’s business will be resumed by the State Government, meaning they have the right to take ownership of the land and property.

“They said you must close the business down and we can give you the money in five or so years, they also have the audacity to tell me that my business is now sellable, who in their right mind would buy a business that is soon to have 50 tonne bulldozers to knock all around it,” he said.

“When I close, they told me my patients can go to Nepean Hospital, the place with the worst waiting times in the state.”

Dr Sheen has seen three generations of patients and has delivered almost 600 babies. He said moving is simply not a choice as he “isn’t 21 anymore”. He also claims that the Minister for Roads, Melinda Pavey, refuses to see him.

The Weekender contacted Ms Pavey who referred our questions to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

“Property acquisitions are a necessary part of infrastructure projects. RMS puts a major focus on minimising the impact on affected homeowners, tenants and businesses,” a spokesperson said.

Ms Davies said the upgrades are urgent so the State Government is offering Dr Sheen owner initiated acquisition, allowing him to opt out early and get his funds now.

“I understand that the acquisition of Dr Sheen’s property is a difficult time for him and I have been and will continue to work with him to achieve a positive result,” she said.

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