Offender shoots co-accused in bizarre incident

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A man has been shot following an incident on Goldmark Crescent in Cranebrook yesterday.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning a 26-year-old male was sitting on the lounge, watching TV when his power suddenly went out.

When he went outside to investigate he was confronted by two men. It is alleged that the victim knew one of the offenders.

The offender that he knew began to assault him with a baseball bat, forcing him to retreat back into his home, where he fell to the ground.

The victim then got access of the bat and retaliated.

The unknown offender produced a 22 calibre firearm and discharged three to four rounds. During this, he accidentally shot the other offender in the hand.

The victim was taken to Nepean Hospital for treatment on a bleeding nose and mouth and suffered swelling to the top of his head.

The alleged offenders fled the scene but were later found when attending Nepean Hospital for the gunshot injury.

Police say the victim is refusing to cooperate.

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