Gamers unite to revive hobby thought lost

Troy Spear and Christopher Senior enjoying a game together
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Between role playing a fiery rogue in Dungeons and Dragons, building a strong deck in Magic the Gathering or preferring the old fashioned feel of a Chess board, this weekend gamers of all ages are warming up their dice and dusting off their tables for International Tabletop Day.

On Saturday, April 28, game enthusiasts will come together to celebrate their favourite hobby.

Gametraders Live Penrith franchisee Christopher Senior is celebrating the day locally with games and good times.

“We have an in-store area where you can rent board games and play them in store,” he said.

“You can come in, pick up a game and play it. It’s all about trying to get people playing.”

Mr Senior said tabletop gaming has seen a massive rise in popularity in recent years as a way of bringing likeminded people together.

It was only as an adult that Mr Senior found his passion for gaming after a friend introduced him to some tabletop games that led him to a whole new world of excitement.

“What he did for me, I try to do for everyone else,” Mr Senior said.

“There is a mix of the older gamers who are in their 40s and 50s who have been doing this for a long time before it was as popular as it is now, to a lot of younger people who do Dungeons and Dragons-style games.”

While everyone has different games they prefer and varying play styles, gaming is great for socialisation with friendships even being formed in store.

Locals are encouraged to visit Gametraders Live Penrith on Saturday to get into the gaming spirit.

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