Rail crisis still far from resolved

Photo: Melinda Jane.
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The crisis on our train network continues after the Rail, Tram and Bus Union today slammed Sydney Trains for presenting delegates the same offer they had already rejected.

Sydney and NSW Trains CEO, Howard Collins, addressed over 200 railway union delegates today who all raised a variety of frustrations and concerns with the offer.

Mr Collins was in the Union meeting for some two hours.

“It’s very disappointing that we’re walking away from today without a fair offer on the table,” said Union Secretary, Alex Claassens.

“This morning we were all hopeful that Sydney and NSW Trains would present an offer today which was an improvement on the offer last week. That didn’t happen.”

The Union called off a planned strike on Monday after Fair Work Australia ordered industrial action be suspended for six weeks.

“With six weeks to reach an offer, its surprising that we’d waste time re-discussing an offer that was already rejected last week,” Mr Claassens said.

“The offer still fails to provide fair rostering options and conditions around job security.

“We’re still not even at the point of discussing pay until we can get some assurance about our basic working conditions.

“The only constructive thing about today was the opportunity for delegates to raise their concerns directly with Mr Collins.

“All we want is a reasonable offer that ensures job security, better rostering standards and fair pay.

“We hope that Sydney and NSW Trains management will take today’s feedback and use it to improve the offer so that it’s good enough for delegates to take to our membership and vote on.”

Today’s outcome is an added headache for embattled Transport Minister Andrew Constance, who still has the full confidence of the NSW Premier.

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