Lennox Village dumps unlimited parking

Karen McKeown and Julie Plimmer are perplexed by the Lennox Village parking limit
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Local shoppers at Lennox Village were confused to see their car park now has two-hour timed parking.

Councillor Karen McKeown was among the shocked locals struggling to understand why the centre, which almost always has parking spots available, has introduced a time limit.

“All we know is that these new signs went up on the doors [on Monday], and each of the shops got small signs to put on their counters that say ‘two hour parking for your convenience’,” she said.

“I don’t know who that is convenient to, it’s certainly not to the shoppers.”

A spokesperson from Lennox Village said the timed parking was to ensure customers have access to convenient car parking whenever they visit.

“We have introduced timed parking in response to feedback from our customers and retailers who have told us the car park at Lennox Village has become congested by commuters using the bus terminal, who leave their vehicles at the centre all day,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said signs were installed this week with warning notices to be issued to drivers “for the next month, at least.”

Cr McKeown finds it hard to believe many, if any, people park their car to then catch a bus elsewhere for the whole day.

“If it happens I would say it would be a minute handful of people who would do that,” she said.

“It’s crazy, we’re in a largely residential area, it’s ideally placed for local people to come and shop. I can’t see why they would be trying to drive people out in under two hours.”

Emu Plains resident for 30 years, Julie Plimmer, said she’s never seen the car park full, excluding the Christmas period.

“Two hours, what’s that about? It was my hairdresser who alerted me to the time limit,” she said.

“To have a cut and highlights put through, you will sit there for an hour and a half at least.

“If we’ve got to look at putting a time limit on, why are we not doing something like three hours?”

When asked why Lennox Village has two hour and not three hour parking like Nepean Village, which is managed by the same company, the spokesperson did not provide an answer. Secure Parking is managing the changes.

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