Asbestos cleared from Jordan Springs site

The site, neighbouring a childcare centre in Jordan Springs, was cleared over the weekend. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Developer Lendlease says locals have nothing to fear after asbestos was illegally dumped near a childcare centre in Jordan Springs.

A Nine News report last Friday had concerned locals on edge, claiming dozens of households were potentially exposed to the alleged illegal dump of asbestos.

Letters were sent to Jordan Springs residents last week, outlining the illegally dumped soils that occurred on the vacant site, owned by Lendlease, on Lakeside Parade.

“Our contractors have identified small amounts of bonded Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) within the dumped soils,” the letter said.

“While the material does not represent a risk to the public, the safety of residents and secure removal of asbestos is our number one priority.”

Bonded asbestos products are made from a bonding compound, such as cement, mixed with a small proportion of asbestos.

The asbestos fibres are tightly bound in the product and are not normally released into the air when in good condition. It’s considered a very low risk for people who are in contact with them.

Concern stemmed from the location of the illegal dumping which neighboured the newly constructed Jordan Springs Community Hub and the childcare centre Little Zak’s Academy.

The area affected was fenced off.

Lendlease told the Weekender it became aware of the dumped soils during investigations to prepare the site for future development.

“Lendlease discovered illegally dumped material at a vacant site at its Jordan Springs community development,” a Lendlease spokesperson said.

“Asbestos contamination is a very serious matter, and we took immediate protective and remediation actions with the wellbeing of our residents and employees in mind.”

The illegally dumped asbestos was removed over the weekend as planned, as well as the removal of excess soil stored following construction of the Jordan Springs Community Hub.

“The material has now been removed in accordance with strict statutory and regulatory requirements by a contractor engaged by Lendlease,” the spokesperson said.

“In our business, the wellbeing of our employees, our customers and our contractors is always at the forefront of our decision-making.

“We constantly monitor our sites and provide regular security patrols after hours.”

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