Nursing degrees to go online as teaching evolution goes to new level

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Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia’s number one university for nursing and midwifery, has launched its Bachelor of Nursing degree through WSU Online, in a bid to fill the gap the health industry faces.

Beginning next month, the innovative learning model will combine theory-based online learning alongside practical experience gained in an on-campus residential laboratory and hospital placements.

WSU Online Academic Director, Dr Erin Jancauskas, said the course also provided an opportunity for the next generation of nurses who need the flexibility online learning provides.

“This course model will completely transform the way nursing is traditionally taught. With a focus on technology, we will deliver a contemporary curriculum that offers interactive learning in a collaborative online environment,” she said.

“The development of the online nursing course is significant as it addresses the critical need for nursing and midwifery graduates, especially in the NSW region.

“Over the next few years, we expect a new group of nursing graduates to move into the profession with the ability to meet the technical demands required of nurses. The online model is tailored to students who need the freedom and flexibility to become a nurse without having to put their lives on hold.”

The demand for nurses is crucial with alarming figures predicting NSW’s pool of 70,000 full-time staff will soon be unable to meet patient demand, with a projected gap of 8,000 nurses by 2030.

“No health care setting can operate without nurses,” Dr Jancauskas said.

The Bachelor of Nursing is one of two new courses available online in 2018, with a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour also being offered.


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