Woman threatened to light more fires after turning herself in

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An arsonist who called 000 and turned herself in has been bail refused after threatening to light additional fires.

At 6pm on Saturday, September 9, a 26-year-old female from Merrylands was at Penrith Paceway when she entered the women’s toilets. She gathered an amount of toilet paper and placed it in the basin, then lit it on fire.

Seven minutes later, she called 000 and made admissions that she had started the fire.
The Fire Brigade attended the scene and extinguished the fire, and police attended.

In an interview with police, she made admissions to starting the fire, and made threats that she would light additional fires if she was released on bail.

As a result, she was bail refused to appear in Penrith Local Court this week, charged with ‘damage property by fire’.

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