Man in trouble after weeing on police car

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A man from the Blue Mountains forgot about CCTV when he drunkenly urinated on a police car last weekend.

At 11.50pm on Saturday, July 8, a 26-year-old man from Katoomba left a pub on High Street, Penrith and walked past Penrith Police Station.

He walked around to the side of one of the parked police vehicles and proceeded to urinate on it before walking away.

The incident was reported to police who reviewed CCTV footage and then began a patrol of the nearby area.

The man was located a short distance away, where he allegedly stated to officers, “I just need to take a piss”, despite having only recently relieved himself.

After being taken back to Penrith Police Station he was arrested and charged with ‘willful and obscene exposure’ and ‘offensive behaviour’.

He will appear in court on August 31.

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