Council rubbishes plan for incinerator

Councillors Todd Carney, Ben Price and Greg Davies with State Londonderry MP Prue Car. Photo: Melinda Jane
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A number of Penrith Councillors are against the development of a proposed ‘waste to energy’ facility at the back of Erskine Park.

At Monday night’s Council meeting, Labor Councillor Todd Carney moved a motion for Council to reject the proposed incinerator, in its submission to the Department of Planning and Environment.

The proposed incinerator would be built on Honeycomb Drive in Eastern Creek, that backs on to both Erskine Park and the M4 Motorway.

State Member for Londonderry, Prue Car and Penrith Councillors Ben Price, Greg Davies and Todd Carney met on Wednesday to discuss the impacts this would have on the community.

“After overwhelming feedback from local residents as well as concerns regarding environment and safety impacts, it is clear to me Eastern Creek is not an appropriate location for this incinerator,” Ms Car said.

Cr Carney said the effects of waste management have gone on long enough.

“Western Sydney is not and should never be the answer to waste issues in New South Wales, our community deserves better,” he said.

“Over many years the people of Erskine Park, St Clair and Colyton have had to put up with the impacts of waste facilities, they should not be burdened by yet another waste facility, which is untested and unproven in Australia.”

Cr Carney also called on Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies to publicly reject the project as it lies in her electorate.

Mrs Davies said she has been taking residents’ concerns seriously and continues to liaise with her Cabinet colleagues in relation to the issue.

“Since last year, when the Energy from Waste Facility was first proposed, I have been working closely with the Ministers for the Environment and Planning, raising the concerns that have been made to me from residents of the Mulgoa community,” she said.

The decision to approve the incinerator will be determined by the Liberal Planning Minister Anthony Roberts.

The project has attracted widespread criticism due to its proximity to homes, the impacts it could have on the community and the type of waste entering the facility.

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