Push to move proposed NBN tower

Students, parents and concerned locals are coming together strongly opposed to the NBN tower to be built near The Lakes Christian College. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Castlereagh residents are furious about a proposed NBN tower located only 350 metres from The Lakes Christian College.

Andreas Klein has begun a petition on behalf of the community seeking legislation to ensure NBN towers will not be placed closer than one kilometre to schools in Australia.

“The petition is about trying to move the tower away from the school, because at the moment the school sits in the maximum radiation emission zone from the tower,” Mr Klein said.

“Putting the tower roughly a kilometre away gets us to a point where the emissions from that tower are probably going to be negligible for the school kids.

“At the same time, it still allows the NBN Co to provide the appropriate NBN services, and so we will have a win-win.”

Similar to phone towers, NBN towers emit low level radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The NBN website states that current research indicates there are no established health effects from the exposure.

However, Mr Klein strongly disagrees, saying that a lot of the science they base their studies on is outdated or irrelevant.

“I’ve spoken to NBN Co and they pretty much quote the party line,” he said.

“It disregards a lot of the science that has been done over the last 20 years… It’s out of step with standards that are starting to permeate many places in western Europe.”

Parents, students and teachers have spoken to Mr Klein with strong support for his campaign to move the proposed tower.

“We just want something that is rational and is safe,” Mr Klein said.

“Even if we are completely wrong, all we have done is moved the tower a kilometre south, while if we aren’t wrong, the kids are safe.”

Mr Klein and over 150 people who have signed the petition on Change.org are calling on Penrith Mayor John Thain and Lindsay MP Emma Husar to hear their concerns and push to move the tower.

“This is issue is bigger than this school, this is a population issue,” Mr Klein said.

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