80 per cent of women wear wrong bra size

DeBra’s Penrith employees Harriet, Katrina and Jess know the difference a perfectly fitted bra can make. Photo: Megan Dunn
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It’s a figure that has been floating around for over a decade, but the Breast Health Foundation reports that 80 per cent of women are still wearing the wrong bra size.

With 17 years of bra fitting experience and a vast product knowledge, owner of DeBra’s Penrith, Debra Kinney, said the biggest problem is women simply don’t know what to do.

“A lot of people still don’t acknowledge that they need a professional fitting,”she said.

“They think the bra is fitting them properly. I think that 99 per cent of women hate bra shopping, it’s all too hard.”

Wearing the wrong bra can have repercussions for your health including neck, shoulder and back pain and, in some cases, breathing problems.

Ms Kinney’s biggest concern is when women find one bra that fits well then stay with that size regardless of different brands or changes in their own body.

“No one stays a 12C for 20 years. Our bodies change, we go through adolescence, pregnancy, menopause,” she said.

“The right bra can help the confidence of a woman.”


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