Add some true Aussie flavour to your Australia Day party


Are you hosting an Australia Day party this year? We’ve got a list of great ways to give it a true Aussie feel. You can thank us later!

Play some Cold Chisel: If the party is a little dull, a quick burst of ‘Working Class Man’ should solve the issue. There’s nothing like a bit of Jimmy and the boys to get the party started.

Get some Vegemite involved: We all love Vegemite, and adding it to your Australia Day party treats will certainly get people talking. Vegemite meat pie, anyone?

Have VB on hand: There’s nothing that will ruin an Australia Day theme quicker than some bloke rocking up with a six pack of Corona. VB should be leading the way on January 26.

Screen ‘The Castle’: As the day starts to wind down, consider showing a great Aussie movie to the stragglers. While we love Paul Hogan and ‘Crocodile Dundee’, we’re giving the Gold Medal to ‘The Castle’ this year.

Over-use Aussie slang: Words like ‘mate’ and ‘sheila’ should get a strong workout on Australia Day. Throw in a few good Aussie sayings as well. No party is complete without someone ‘throwing a shrimp on the barbie’.

Thongs only: Australia Day being held in the summer means there’s no excuse for anybody turning up in a pair of sneakers or some other fancy shoe. Your party should be a thongs-only event.

Start a chant: If things get a bit quiet, just pick your moment and yell ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ at the top of your lungs.