Brightening Christmas for those who’ve “fallen through the net”

Ross Hutchison, Paul Steward and Diana Marris. Photo: Melinda Jane
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Christmas is full of carefree quality time with family, but there are many others who don’t get a chance to escape their worries.

Ross ‘Rossco’ Hutchison said the needs of the Penrith community are vastly growing as his non-profit organisation, The Ross Hutchison Foundation, attempts to help those in need.

“We’re not a big charity, we’re just little guys that pick up those who fall through the net and they really are the ones who need it most,” he said.

“We want to better inform people with what they can do to help their fellow man.”

Several local charities and organisations including Ability Links, the Blue Mountains Lantern Club and Happy Harry’s Cafe have joined together to see how they can best help the region.

With their combined effort, Paul Steward from Ability Links and Mr Hutchison have been able to find employment and opportunities for struggling local community members.

“We can be the first point of call for people who want to get in and help the community,” Mr Steward said.

“We also work with organisations to become more socially inclusive, because that’s what we’re striving for.”

With the support of passionate local community members, dozens of presents will also be going out to families in need this Christmas.

There is a growing pressure to continue providing, and The Ross Hutchison Foundation is calling for help for food, blankets and household equipment.

“I could never have enough non-perishables. That is a constant demand every day,” Mr Hutchison said.

“We can help one another. Hopefully we can be proactive instead of constantly having to play catch up.”

To help Mr Hutchison’s Christmas giving, call 4721 2620 or visit

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