Professional lessons vital for young drivers

Kyle Austin. Photo: Melinda Jane

Parents are being encouraged to seek professional driving lessons for their children at the start of their learning experience rather than towards the end.

Last month a learner driver hit a mother and her eight-year-old daughter in Jordan Springs, but a local driving instructor said despite this, learner drivers are actually some of the safest drivers on our roads.

Managing Director and Accredited Driving Instructor at Australian Road Safety Academy, Kyle Austin, said the majority of accidents happen in the first six months of solo driving.

“It’s rare for learner drivers to have an accident – they’re actually the least at risk drivers on our roads,” he said.

“Close to 10 times the amount of red P-plate drivers are having accidents versus learner drivers immediately after getting their P’s.”

Mr Austin said supervising drivers need to do all they can to ensure learner drivers are fully prepared.

“When drivers first get behind the wheel, it’s important to start in a low risk environment where there is limited hazards, pedestrians and traffic,” Mr Austin said.

“It’s also a smart idea to start off with an accredited driving instructor.

“They are trained professionals who are highly experienced and have dual controls which massively lowers the risk for the learner driver, particularly when they haven’t driven much before.”

Mr Austin will be holding several informative talks for supervising drivers from December.

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