Blue Sox chase premiership dream

Sydney Blue Sox manager Jason Pospishil (front) with pitcher Todd Van Steensel (behind). Photo: SMP Images
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The Australian Baseball League (ABL) heads into its seventh season this summer but, after five finals appearances in six years, the Sydney Blue Sox are yet to yield a Championship.

Into his fifth year at the helm of the Blue Sox, Manager Jason Pospishil, born and bred in Penrith, is driven to end the drought.

“The championship drought is something we are working hard to break every year,” Pospishil said.

“We have had a little bad luck in past years or we have been one piece away, but it’s not something that you can lose sleep over.”

A former student at St Dominic’s College in Kingswood, Pospishil is passionate about growing local talent for the Sydney Blue Sox and baseball across NSW.

In the off-season, he holds the role of High Performance Manager with Baseball NSW, focused on player pathways and development, coaching and the overall growth of the game.

“We have always prided ourselves on giving young talent a shot in the ABL rather than spending money on free agents,” Pospishil said.

“Guys like Zac Shepherd and Jacob Younis have been solid contributors at this level and these kind of players will be our core for the future.”

In addition to the wealth of local talent across the state, importing talented players and prospects from international leagues adds immense value to the squad.

Pospishil identifies the importance of integrating overseas players into the squad.

“We have exciting prospects lined-up for the season, which will bring another dynamic to the club,” he said.

Individual growth and experience is another important goal for Pospishil. With stints in Japan, USA and abroad he feels there is always room to learn, adapt and improve at a personal level.

For the Blue Sox and their fan base, there is a sense of belief for the upcoming season.

The elusive Championship beckons and Pospishil has taken a philosophical approach to what lies ahead.

“I’ve been so impressed at the shape all the boys are in and their performances so far in spring have been great,” Pospishil said.

“At the end of the day, you prepare to the best of your ability.”

The Blue Sox commence their 2016/17 ABL campaign on Friday, November 18 at Blacktown International Sportspark. For tickets:

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