Mixing family and business is just fine with the Malings

Employee Kimberly Robach, Manager Donna Miller, and Kevin and Carol Maling at their Donut King store. Photo: Melinda Jane
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A Penrith couple have taken over ownership of Donut King at Southlands Shopping Centre, all with their family in mind.

Kevin and Carol Maling, who have lived in the local area for over 40 years, used their family as motivation to start the next chapter of their lives by owning their own business.
While their grandson and grandaughter were already working at the store, the pair’s daughter now works there as a manager.

Mrs Maling said family will be the key to their success.

“Our business is going to be completely family owned and operated; everyone is playing their part to make the business a great success,” she said.

Mrs Maling added that she hopes the store will bring the family together, united in their desire to assist three of their grandchildren, who have special needs, to live happy and fulfilled lives with the care they require.

“One of our grandchildren has a mild form of Autism, while two of our other boys have severe Cerebral Palsy,” she said.

“It was our profound hope that opening our store would bring us closer together and help the family with the extensive ongoing needs of our grandchildren.”

Mr and Mrs Maling hope to also give back to the community through promotional work for charities and local sporting teams.

Donut King Southlands Penrith is located at Shop K1, inside Southlands Shopping Centre on Maxwell Street, South Penrith.

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