Glenmore Park residents concerned over housing plan

Niel Alchin, Matt Gatti and his mother.Photo: Melinda Jane
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The residents of Wargon Crescent in Glenmore Park are taking on the Padre Pio Parish, who are part of the Diocese of Parramatta.

Many residents, including Neil Alchin, have lived in the quiet street since it was first built, but fear subdividing land across the road from their homes will lose the qualities that made them move there in the first place.

“Our concern is the loss of amenity in our street, the reason we bought in that street is because it’s a quiet little street,” he told the Weekender.

“The new road they propose to build is directly across from number eight, and the elderly couple who live there have lived there for 20 years.”

The elderly couple’s son, Matt Gatti, described the subdivision application as absolutely devastating.

Under the plans submitted to Penrith Council by the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, three new roads will be built off Wargon Crescent to allow access to a further 13 blocks of land, for low density living.

One of those roads will be right next to Garry Green’s home whose privacy, currently protected by bushland, will be exposed with the removal of some of the 450 trees on the block, and building of homes.

Residents in Wargon Crescent said they received notification from Council on the application, but residents on the other side of the block of land, on Jarrah Crescent did not.

A spokesperson for the Diocese said the subdivision of the land, owned by the Padre Pio Parish, will help pay off debt from the initial construction of the church.

He assured the Diocese is sympathetic to residents’ concerns, and will work with them on any “reasonable points”.

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