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Greg Hunt and Fiona Scott in Mulgoa on Tuesday. Photo: Megan Dunn
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An important parcel of land in Mulgoa has been established as the latest conservation corridor in western Sydney, linking the Cumberland Plains Woodland and Mulgoa Creek.

At least 38 hectares of endangered bushland beside Mulgoa Road has been secured by the Federal Government to help boost the resilience of critically endangered ecosystems.

Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, and Member for Lindsay, Fiona Scott, made the announcement at the property on Tuesday, alongside the Federal Government’s Green Army.

Mr Hunt said the Mulgoa Road property is a significant green corridor that will protect native bushland and ensure the important long-term survival of plants and animals.

“The property contains intact native vegetation, including shale gravel transition forest which is listed as critically endangered under national environment law,” he said.

“The property also includes state listed threatened habitat and vulnerable species.”

The announcement is part of a commitment to restore or protect around 700 hectares of the Cumberland Plains Woodland through future land covenants, land acquisition and activities under the Green Army and the 20 Million Trees Program.

Greg Hunt, Fiona Scott and members of the Green Army. Photo: Megan Dunn
Greg Hunt, Fiona Scott and members of the Green Army. Photo: Megan Dunn

Mr Hunt said the $15 million election commitment will establish a Cumberland Conservation Corridor through three actions.

“First, applications have been opened for grants to plant one million trees and rehabilitate 400 hectares within the Cumberland Conservation Corridor as part of the 20 Million Trees Program,” he said.

“Second, 15 Green Army teams will restore over 250 hectares of habitat in the Cumberland Conservation Corridor.

“Third, the remaining part of the 700 hectares will be placed under conservation covenants through Commonwealth purchases and this land will be held in public hands forever.”

Ms Scott said the acquisition of the Mulgoa Road property will make a significant contribution to conservation efforts.

“Preserving green urban spaces is an important step in connecting communities with the environment and making our growing cities more livable,” she said.

Fiona Scott and Greg Hunt
Fiona Scott and Greg Hunt

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