Community spirit shines for Brendan

Brendan Sewell and Andrew Sarson at Nepean Hospital. Photo: Megan Dunn
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Brendan Sewell’s life was on track for success and happiness when it took a tragic turn for the worst.

Mr Sewell, 28, was diagnosed with two life-threatening brain aneurysms earlier this month, after experiencing what he thought was just a migraine.

Andrew Sarson, one of Mr Sewell’s longest and closest friends, said after Mr Sewell passed out in his bathroom, his doctor insisted he immediately admit himself to Nepean Hospital.

“They did a spinal tap where they collect spinal fluid and it had blood in it, and that indicates possibility of bleeding the brain,” he said.

“About 10pm that night they found not one but two aneurysms on opposites sides of his brain.”

Mr Sewell underwent a six to seven hour operation that fixed just one of the two aneurysms.

Mr Sarson knew his friend, who had just started his mobile car servicing business and bought a home with his partner in Jordan Springs, was going to be in hospital for a while.

“When I found out he was going to be off work for quite some time I thought he is going to need some financial help, I know he is in a bit of a tight spot,” he said.

Just after Mr Sewell’s operation, Mr Sarson started a MyCause fundraising page to support his selfless and hardworking friend.

“Coming out of surgery he was so worried about his customers and making sure he got in touch with people who were expecting his services that he even called people in hospital,” he said.

The community responded to Mr Sewell’s kindness, and smashed the fundraising goal of $4000, now sitting at over $6000 with just 57 donations.

“In the first 48 hours we got $4000. That’s a testament to how he goes about his business and life,” he said.

“I thought anything would be great, anything would help, but people were so generous, even one of his customers donated $1000.”

Mr Sewell’s spirits were still high at Nepean Hospital’s intensive care unit on Monday, where he joked about wanting to shave his head like Lex Luthor, Superman’s nemesis.

Mr Sewell was healthy, a non-smoker, and wasn’t overweight.

To contribute to helping he and his family after this sudden, life-changing experience, visit and search Brendan Sewell Recovery Fund.

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