Statement from mother of 15-year-old involved in South Penrith crash

The accident scene on Tuesday. Photo: Megan Dunn
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The mother of the 15-year-old girl injured in a car crash in South Penrith yesterday (see original story here) has made the following statement: 

Every person today, yesterday and tomorrow will always have some sort of problem/situation that will rear its ugly head, so by the time we become adults we have learnt our coping mechanisms to deal with situations that present themselves but for children and young teenagers they act out in the only way they know how (ACTIONS) because they are still learning the tools needed to deal with life lessons and situations that only come with time and experience.

So with this I say do not judge but try to understand because until they learn the tools needed there will always be actions not solutions.

This was a phone call every parent never wants to receive, unfortunately for our family yesterday I received just that. I ask all parents to talk to their children about the dangers of driving when not experienced or licensed as no family should have to go through what mine and many other families have experienced.

Teach them that they are not invincible nor are they unbreakable, that their decisions and actions have consequences on them and effect everyone who loves them and this can happen to anyone at any time.

I do not condone my daughter’s actions yesterday but have come to an understanding of the circumstances that occurred prior to the accident taking place. These are personal and private. I will however stand by my daughter regardless of the outcome. On behalf of my family I would appreciate the negativity in this matter to stop and to respect our privacy at this time.

No drugs or alcohol were a cause, that is what needs to be clarified.

She is in a serious but stable condition with head and spinal injuries but doctors are confident that in time she should make a full recovery.

Surgery on her leg was a success. She is lucky to be alive as the airbag did not deploy and she was revived twice.

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