Get ready for a spooky knock at the door

Local kids prepare for Halloween in Glenmore Park
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Glenmore Park’s streets will be riddled with blood-stained children, ghosts, witches, pumpkins and spider webs this weekend.

The suburb is one of many places across town where children and families will come together to celebrate Halloween.

Shane Dunn from Pardalote Place, said Halloween is a chance for his two children, Cooper, 10, and Jaxon, 8, to have some fun.

“It’s an experience, it’s a chance for them to dress up and get lollies,” he said.

“Even though it’s an American tradition, it’s about families hanging out and giving the kids in the street some fun.”

Now connected to popular American traditions, the term Halloween stems from ‘All Hallows Eve’, from Celtic nations in Europe as far back as the 1500s.

In Poland on All Hallows Eve, believers walk through forests and pray out loud to comfort the souls of the dead, and in Mexico, children make an altar to invite the spirits of children to come back and visit.

In Australia, the tradition is less religious and children prefer to knock on neighbours’ doors for lollies.

Mr Dunn said parents always make sure the children are supervised and safe.

“One of the parents from the street will walk around with all the kids. The hardest part is when you don’t know which houses are willing to do it and which aren’t,” he said.

Jaxon and Cooper Dunn preparing for Halloween this weekend
Jaxon and Cooper Dunn preparing for Halloween this weekend

In Mr Dunn’s street, there are at least 10 children who trick-or-treat every year with an extra 30 wandering in from surrounding streets.

“Halloween allowed for our kids to meet all the other kids in our community they could play with who were their age,” he said.

“And as parents, we met other parents and it really just brings the community together.”

Across the city, Southlands Shopping Centre will host some Halloween fun on Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm.

Jordan Springs will be running a pre-registered walking trick-or-treat event, from 5pm to 6.30pm.

To join contact [email protected]

And Penrith CBD’s Pop Up Park will come alive between 5pm and 10pm for the Halloween Markets, with pumpkin carving, spooky characters, a fog machine and a trick-or-treat with market stall holders.

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