Pair hospitalised after dog attack

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A man and woman are in hospital with serious injuries following a dog attack at Castlereagh over the weekend.

About 3.15pm on Saturday, a man and woman returned to their Church Street home when they noticed two dogs inside the chicken coop attacking the chickens and ducks.

The woman entered the coop while the man went inside to get some restraints for the dogs.

The woman screamed after being attacked by one of the dogs and then man ran into the coop to find the woman pinned to the ground. The man was able to free her from the animal; however he was then attacked by the dog. Eventually both dogs left the coop and emergency services were contacted.

Police attended and one of the dogs was located, however the second dog was unable to be sighted.

The pair was taken to Nepean Hospital for treatment. The 27-year-old woman sustained a serious wound to her face and multiple bites to her arms and torso. The 29-year-old man received a deep bite to his arm and lacerations to his hand and abdomen. They have both been admitted and will undergo surgery for their wounds.

The owner of the dogs has been located and the dog has been destroyed.

Investigations are continuing and a search continues for the missing dog.

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