New building will have a message to the future

The time capsule about to be sent into the ground

A little slice of history was buried at a site on John Tipping Road in Penrith on Wednesday, where residential units will one day stand.

Purchasers and investors of the units were given the opportunity to place something inside a time capsule.

The 32-unit building will be home to locals’ items including letters, photographs, a USB with futuristic movies on it, a mobile phone, and current Australian coins.

“I think it’s fantastic to capture these moments in time and bury them under the ground,” Architect for the building, Peter Morson said.

“It’s great to see the enthusiasm from the buyers and the community with what they have put inside the capsule.”


The idea is to have a plaque around where the capsule will be buried explaining what it is in writing.

“The owners will now have an emotional investment in the building forever,” Managing director of Real Estate at PRD Nationwide in Penrith, Darren Latty said.

“It’s a really nice idea and also a bit different with messages from the families of the community, and reasons why the buyers bought the property.”

Purchasers include first home buyers through to the elderly and retired community members.

The list of prices and the marketing copy was also thrown into the capsule for future residents of the building to see.

“I think it’s a really good initiative for the families and residents of the building now,” builder, Tom Schrumpf said.

“Future residents will be able to see what it was like at this time and the owners now will feel involved in the builder forever,” Developer employee, Ash Chauhan said.

This is the first building to be approved and constructed under the new zoning laws that came in on February 25 this year.


The building has been described as a new landmark for the Penrith area that will be home to a rich history from today’s society for the next several hundred years.

Other items in the capsule include a pin from the 2000 Sydney Paralympics, the most recent copy of the Western Weekender property magazine, the press release letter about the burial, information about Poppy Park and the original project marketing pack for the sale of the site.

– Jade Aliprandi