Drug worry at St Clair park

Tricia Hitchen
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Councillor Tricia Hitchen has called for Penrith Council to provide lighting at Denver Road Park in St Clair after drug paraphernalia was discovered in the area.

Just last month Penrith Council unveiled a new playground for the park, on the corner of Colorado and Denver Roads, which included gym and fitness equipment, play equipment and even soft-fall ground.

But Cr Hitchen has received complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour at the park.

“There has been graffiti, someone has tried to burn the playground and one resident said that she recently found a bong in the playground,” she said.

“There have also been reports that after the weekends there have been needles left on the ground.”

Cr Hitchen says that lighting could provide a solution.

“It’s just so disappointing after all the money we have spent here and there are residents and families who do want to make use of the area,” she said.

The upgrades to the park cost over $180,000.

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