River clean-out nets surprising finds

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If you’ve ever wondered what is lurking at the bottom of the Nepean River, it isn’t just fish, weeds or silt.

One group of local residents discovered earlier this month that the Nepean River is full of rubbish and lots of it, after setting out to clear the depths.

The group of 50 cleared over a tonne of rubbish from the river on Saturday, May 10, in the first annual ‘Cleaning Fishing Waters’ event.

“Everyone benefits from a clean river. The Nepean gives us clean drinking water, a healthy place for our kids to swim, superb recreational fishing, a delighted venue for rowing, waterskiing or just sitting beside and enjoying the view,” said Juan del Carmen, from Cleaning Fishing Waters.

The group dragged out shopping trolleys, eskis, toasters, tyres and even a security fence before separating the rubbish into recyclables and non-recyclables.

After the hard work was complete, those who attended enjoyed a free fly fishing class.

This was the first in what is hoped to become an annual event, with next year’s ambitions higher as the group hopes to remove a car from the river.

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