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Sydney-based band Acid Nymph have already made waves in the local music scene with their energetic brand of metal and now they’re set to rock audiences in Penrith.

The group, which describe themselves as melodic circus metal maniacs, will bring their lively stage presence and loud sound to the Tattersalls Hotel in Penrith on Saturday, March 8.

They will be joined by other local metal bands Dead Life, The Blackend Beneath, Foundry Road and Thraxxas.

Acid Nymph is made up of members who hail from suburbs all across Sydney, including the Penrith area, and have already built up a fan base within the city’s metal loving community.

This five piece band, which is led by a strong female singer, are a treat for all the senses, with their metal songs perfectly complemented by their unique costumes and mischievous personas.

Their powerful, melodic metal has been influenced by a range of acts including Rob Zombie and his 1980’s band White Zombie, American Head Charge and alternative metal group Alice in Chains.

Acid Nymph is led by K-acid-J who is joined by her brother ZeeDee on the guitar to create a unique mix of delightfully clean vocals and dirty growls.

Backing up the lead duo is Pseudo-Nymph on guitar, Deadmeat on bass and Psycho-Tick on the drums who combine their musical skills to create catchy metal tunes with a rhythmic beat.

The band formed in September 2012, with members from current and previous Sydney groups including Foundry Road, Ilcontent and Black Horizon.

Since then, they have launched their debut EP ‘Step Right Up’, which was released in April 2013, and have toured across Australia playing alongside live music talent such as Red Bee (who appeared at Sydney Soundwave 2014), In Death, DepriVation, King Parrot and Our Last Enemy.

While they have only been around for two years, Acid Nymph have already received rave revues from audiences and music industry experts, with local producer JJ Sirman praising the band for being: “circus metal with a powerful female lead singer”.

Acid Nymph will perform at the Tattersalls Hotel in Penrith on Saturday, March 8 at 8.30pm. Entry is free. For more information, call 4732 6373 or visit

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