Kitten fights for life

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A kitten is fighting for its life after Fire and Rescue NSW firefighters from Dunheved Station rescued it from a drain in St Marys.

About 11.25am today, Fire and Rescue NSW received a call from a member of the public who thought they could hear a cat in a drain on Queen Street, St Marys.

The Dunheved crew attended the scene and according to Station Officer, Peter Turner, were able to rescue the kitten.

“The rescue took about an hour. We have to remove a couple of things like the rubbish filter and then we were able to see the kitten,” he said.

The team used a cat pole and were able to pull it out of the drain, very sodden.

“The kitten was very young, it looked like it may have only just left its mother and was in very bad shape. It’s been taken to a vet,” he said.

“We have quite a few incidents like this either because of feral cats or people dumping their pets. It’s why we support people having their pets de-sexed because they can end up in drains and become malnourished.

“Often we find domestic cats stuck in drains like these so people need to be wary.”

Mr Turner said that people can either contact WIRES or put a call through to Fire and Rescue NSW if they see an animal that may need assistance.

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