Pumps for patients

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South Penrith resident, Jodie Gardner, was so distraught after her mother passed away earlier this year from terminal cancer that she wanted to help other patients and families get through what can be only described as an incredibly difficult time.

So, Ms Gardner decided to call upon the Ross Hutchison Foundation to help assist her in raising money to purchase three much-need NIKKI pumps for Nepean Hospital’s Inpatient Cancer Services.

NIKKI pumps administer pain medication and allows palliative care patients to have the option of remaining in their homes during their battle.

“People can take the pumps home in a carry bag and each day they are topped up with medication by staff from the hospital, it’s very strictly monitored,” Ross Hutchison said.

“This then allows people, for example, to go home to their families at Christmas and New Years and then come back. But unfortunately they may not come back, but at least they’ll pass away at home with their loved ones.”

Mr Hutchison said the money was raised throughout various community events over the past 12 months.

“We raised the money through a series of luncheons, concerts and race nights,” he said.

Ms Gardner said her hard work and dedication to the cause was all in the name of her late mother.

“I knew there weren’t many NIKKI pumps at Nepean Hospital, so I thought I’d do something in honour of my mum,” she said.

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