Developer fights back

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Owner of ZAC Homes, Josh Vrsaljko, has defended his business’ development proposal for a currently vacant block of land in Leonay, saying that the two dwellings that he hopes to construct there will ease the shortage of affordable housing in Penrith.

Last week, local residents told the Weekender they felt the development at 1A Leonay Parade would create traffic issues, however, Mr Vrsaljko said he has undertaken a traffic study and this is simply not the case.

“The RTA have conducted a traffic management report which in conjunction with Penrith City Council, the driveway access to the block of land would be 30 to 40 metres away from the roundabout as stated and would not cause extra traffic congestion than already on the roads today,” he said.

“We purchased the land to deliver more affordable housing in the local area, which there is a huge shortage of in NSW.” Mr Vrsaljko said that opposition to the development was unwarranted.

“The resident that resides next to the block of land, simply does not want two houses built on the block of land and has simply over-exaggerated the issues that has cost ZAC Homes $50,000 in delayed approvals and more reports that are not necessary,” he said.

“If this resident did not live next door to the block of land, he would not have made up his concerns and got the support of local councillors, which we don’t believe that they should have got involved in, in the first place.”

Councillors attended a site inspection of the property on Monday, November 12, to see the site first-hand before making a determination on the development proposal.

“ZAC Homes is proud to operate out of the Penrith area and has for more than 20 years, and the owners have also grown up in the Penrith district. In the last two years we have given away a quarter of a million dollars to local charities,” Mr Vrsaljko said.

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