Abbott visits St Paul's Grammar

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Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott and Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull attended St Paul’s Grammar School this morning to launch the Coalition’s discussion paper on cyber safety.

Earlier this year in January, Mr Abbott established a working group for online safety headed by former telecommunications executive, Paul Fletcher.

Speaking to year 9 students in the school’s audio-visual lab, Mr Abbott and Mr Turnbull were told how most students use social media every day – for up to four hours every night.

One student said that he owns three gaming consoles that each connect to the internet so he can play online games with people from all over the world.

Mr Abbott said that with children using the internet in so many different ways, there need to be steps taken to ensure their safety.

“The message today is that online bullying must stop,” Mr Abbott said.

“There is a whole world there online. It is something that is second nature to the young people of Australia – particularly to the school children of Australia, it is as natural to them as language is to us.

“And yet for so many parents it is a daunting, even intimidating world which does have some dangers as well as many opportunities.”

Mr Abbott is seeking further feedback on the discussion paper, including the recommendation of establishing an e-safety commissioner.

For more details see the November 23 edition of the Weekender.

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