Polishing up on skills

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Preparing for a future career is rarely thought about by local youth and can be difficult to get started on but some lucky students from Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School had a head start with the opportunity to ‘Polish’ up on some skills.

26 Year 10 students attended a ‘Polish’ program, which was held on Monday, to help prepare students for future positions.

“Polish is a one day program of personal presentation and communication training. It helps students prepare for their careers and gives students the skills to conduct themselves appropriately when entering the world of work,” said Polly Dunning, Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School.

The program has been designed to improve students’ skills in communication and public speaking as well as improve their personal presentation, goal setting, confidence, self-respect and understanding.

Local businessmen, Martin Rogers, CEO of Humanise and Phillip Grueff, Managing Director of Arcs Building Group, delivered the majority of the day’s presentations.

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