Still a tourism magnet

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Penrith’s iconic Regatta Centre is the blueprint for potential tourism magnets that western Sydney needs more of.

That’s according to Shadow Tourism and Regional Development Minister, Bob Baldwin, who visited the famous venue on Tuesday in an effort to seek feedback from the centre’s operators as the Coalition ramps up its policy development.

Mr Baldwin was joined by Senator Marise Payne and Federal Liberal Candidate for Lindsay, Fiona Scott. Senator Payne said the centre continued to be a major events venue 12 years on from the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the visit offered the Coalition a chance to see first-hand the excellent work it was doing for the local economy and the challenges it faces.

“Bob as the Shadow Minister is now in a position to really appreciate what is here now, not just the facility that was constructed for the Olympics but how much it’s grown since then, to the point where it now hosts 400 events a year,” she said.

Mr Baldwin believes more facilities like the Regatta Centre should be built.

“This is the kind of top quality tourism product that western Sydney needs more of,” he said.

“Going forward it should be seen as a magnet both for sports tourism and business events while helping drive visitation westwards.

“As the Federal Minister for Tourism, I would seek to engage with local operators and Penrith business groups to make the most of these opportunities.”

Ms Scott said she was thrilled to host Mr Baldwin and give him the opportunity to view the impressive infrastructure and resources in the Lindsay electorate.

“It’s great to have Bob here to showcase the opportunities we have here in Penrith. That really stands us aside from Labor; we are all about engaging with the community in order to create opportunities for western Sydney,” she said.

Mr Baldwin quipped, “When was the last time Minister Ferguson promoted tourism initiatives here?”

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