Davies has change of heart

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Councillor Mark Davies has announced that he will contest the Penrith City Council election, coming out of a rather short-lived retirement. 

Cr Davies said that he makes his return by popular demand, after the Weekender broke the news that he was not running in the upcoming elections on June 29. 

“Once the decision was made public, people started coming up to me and telling me that it was a real shame that I was not running,” Cr Davies explained. 

“The first couple of times was fair enough, but the more it happened, and then my family asked if it was really my final decision – I began thinking on the issues facing Penrith. 

“It really is an important time in Penrith, it’s really a strategic time for Penrith – with a lot of growth to come. My main concern is for council is being able to manage that growth. “Council will need experienced people to manage this growth but also lobby the State and Federal Government for the support it will need through this exciting time.” 

Cr Davies will be running in South Ward with sitting Councillor, Ben Goldfinch, at number two on his ticket. 

Cr Davies also has the support of Kelly-Anne Cummings, a life coach, at number three, accountant, David Pidditt at number four and Paul Spicer of Beaumont Tiles at number five. 

Nominations for candidates close at 12pm today with the ballot to be drawn at 12.30pm. Read more about Cr Davies’ council comeback in this week’s edition of the Weekender.

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