Residents put pressure on Council

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Residents of Greenbank Drive and Oakland Parade in Werrington Downs have signed a petition to have the reserve located at the corner of their streets better maintained by Council.

Michael Henry and other locals are concerned about the unkempt grass and lack of lighting, which makes the park feel unsafe, particularly at night.

“Young kids are being told by their parents not to walk through the park and instead walk on the road because we just don’t know what could be in the grass,” Mr Henry said.

“There are paths through the park but they were never completed so people have worn a small path through the area, but it is not suitable for mothers pushing prams or young children as they cannot be seen over the top of the grass.”

Most residents walk through the park to reach a bus stop that services local schools and travel routes.

Mr Henry and other local residents have joined forces to put pressure on Council to maintain the area more frequently and put in lighting and a footpath.

“We decided to form a petition and went around door-knocking. We have 87 residents who live in the area who have already signed,” he said. 

Councillors Ross Fowler and Kevin Crameri have been supportive of the local effort.

“This is an issue that the residents have been worried about for a length of time. Safety is certainly a concern for them as there are young families who utilise the space as there is inadequate lighting,” Mr Fowler said.

Mr Fowler raised the issue at Council’s ordinary meeting last week and some of the grass has already been trimmed this week.

Council has been contacted for comment 

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