State MP's office attacked

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The State Government has been pushing its tough new graffiti laws for several months now, but it has gotten personal now for one local MP.

Tanya Davies, Member for Mulgoa, said she found threats against her and her family sprawled across the windows of her electorate office in St Marys last week.

“No one should have to put up with threats against themselves or their kids, I am a mother and I cannot take this lightly,” Mrs Davies said.

The MP has renewed calls for the Labor and Greens Party to pass the O’Farrell Government’s new graffiti laws in the upper house.

The bill allows courts to suspend the drivers licenses of graffiti offenders, impose compulsory community service orders to remove graffiti and ensure every offender faces court.

Mrs Davies said that while this type of graffiti was distressing, graffiti was a common occurrence for businesses in St Marys.

“All you have to do is walk down Queen Street to see how many businesses are defaced by graffiti,” she said.

“The current slap on the wrist penalties for graffiti provide no disincentive for would be offenders.

“This is about hitting young offenders where it hurts; taking away the privilege to drive or extending the time on learners and provisional licenses will make young offenders think twice before they spray.”

Graffiti removal costs for Penrith City Council in 2009-10 was $870,000, according to Mrs Davies.

“The cost to the community is significant,” she said.

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