Changing the rules

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TNT Express (TNT) has launched a revolutionary new recruitment campaign aimed at doubling female participation in its workforce.

Believed to be an Australian first for the transport and logistics industry, TNT’s ‘Women in Transport’ campaign aims to attract more females to traditionally male-dominated roles.

Susan Davies, Director of Human Resources at TNT, said the campaign was a positive step towards breaking down preconceived notions of gender roles.

“There is certainly a perception in wider society that men are more suited to roles such as truck driving, and in our industry that has historically been the norm,” she said.

“But these misconceptions are completely false, particularly today when a majority of our drivers operate smaller vehicles and all manual handling tasks are strictly regulated by Occupational Health and Safety laws.

“The traditional barriers which may once have deterred women from entering our industry are now defunct and we are hoping this campaign will convince women to consider a career as a driver or dock hand.”

The campaign invites women working in traditionally female dominated industries such as retail, hospitality and reception to swap their current job for a rewarding career in the transport industry.

It highlights positives for women working in the transport industry, such as favourable working conditions, high remuneration levels ($70,000-90,000), strong customer relationships and the freedom of working away from an office.

Bob Black, Managing Director of TNT Express Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, said women should feel confident about applying for roles at TNT.

“We believe there is a huge untapped resource of underemployed women who would benefit from the many great advantages of becoming a driver or dockhand with TNT,” he said.

“There is a strong mentoring culture within TNT at all levels and our employees consistently go above and beyond to ensure welcoming and nurturing environments in all our workplaces.”

The campaign will run online and in print until April 30. For more information and to apply for roles, visit

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