Big Brother auditions in Penrith

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After four years, Big Brother is back, and he is coming to find you.

The former Channel 10 ‘Big Brother’ television series was axed in 2008, but the Nine Network and Southern Star Entertainment have announced its revival for a 2012 season.

It has a new network and a new host in Sonia Kruger – now all it needs is new housemates.

‘Big Brother’ will kick of its selection tour for new housemates in Western Australia on April 14, before coming to Penrith Panthers on April 29.

 “We are looking for people who have warmth, intelligence, humour and no agenda,” said ‘Big Brother’ 2012 executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis.

“It’s the man on the street, the girl next door.

“If you look at the most loved people on ‘Big Brother’ – Chrissie Swan, Reggie, Fitzy, Sara-Marie – they all have one thing in common; they just put it all on the line and were embraced by the nation.”

Host Sonia Kruger said ‘Big Brother’ was a return to all that was good about the format.

“A mix of big event television, totally watchable Australians, engaging conversation and most importantly, humour,” Ms Kruger said.

“Big Brother’ 2012 will focus on what made the show most successful – people we simply love to watch.”

Mr Mavroidakis has just one piece of advice for those locals wanting to audition for this year’s ‘Big Brother’ series.

“Do not try to second guess what we are looking for. The truth is there is no Big Brother type. Be yourself, be engaging and you might just win us – and Australia – over,” he said.

Penrith auditions will take place on Sunday, April 29 at Penrith Panthers. For more information visit or

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