Call for Jane Street overhaul

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Shadow Minister for Roads, Robert Furolo, has called on the O'Farrell Government to provide a start date for planning work on the Jane Street extension project in Penrith.


Mr Furolo met with Penrith City Mayor, Greg Davies, and Councillor Prue Guillaume for a briefing on the important Jane Street extension project today.


"Mayor Davies and Councillor Guilluame have told me about how important the Jane Street extension is to address congestion problems in the Penrith CBD," Mr Furolo said.


"The Jane Street extension would address congestion problems in the city centre and also provide a flood evacuation route for residents who live near the river in Emu Plains and Penrith.


"It is absolutely vital the O'Farrell Government commits to a timeframe for this important project. We need to know when planning will begin and when the funding will start to flow through


"Given the O'Farrell Government's recent decision to cut the Western Sydney roads Budget in 2011/12 by almost $200 million, I am concerned about its priorities.


"We need to get the Roads Minister to commit to a start date for planning work on the Jane Street extension immediately to ensure the project gets the attention it deserves." 


Mayor Greg Davies said the Jane Street extension project needed urgent attention from the O'Farrell Government.


"The Jane Street extension is a significant project that requires urgent attention from the State Government as we prepare our city for future growth," Mr Davies said.


"Improving traffic flow in and around the city centre is a top priority in Penrith and the Jane Street extension is a key part of improving access.


Councillor Prue Guillaume said the Jane Street extension was a vital project for the Penrith city centre.


"With 500,000 people living in Penrith and another 50,000 expected in the next 20 years, the extension of Jane Street is needed to ensure we meet the growing needs of our community," Ms Guillaume said.


"During the election campaign the Coalition promised to invest in local roads, yet we have already seen that promise broken with a massive cut to western Sydney roads spending in the 2011/12 Budget.


"The O'Farrell Government has already been briefed on this project – we now need a commitment from the Roads Minister about when the planning work will begin.


"This project is a priority for the businesspeople and families who travel through the city centre every day. We need a firm starting date from the O'Farrell Government."




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