Confirmed: Penrith and St Marys police to merge

St Marys Police Station

Penrith and St Marys Local Area Commands will merge as part of a complete restructure of the NSW Police Force.

The merger, which has been rumoured for some time, was confirmed this afternoon by Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Field Operations, Jeff Loy.

“The Commissioner has outlined the need to future proof the NSW Police Force with the recent announcement to consolidate some commands across the Sydney Metropolitan Region,” he said.

“Over the past several months I have undertaken extensive consultation looking at crime trends, population density and expected growth, as well as the unique needs of each community to develop a new structure that will take the organisation into the future.

“Consolidated Commands across the Metropolitan Region will see more police on the frontline, better equipped and with a greater pool of resources to proactively disrupt and prevent crime.

Penrith Police Station

“Penrith and St Marys areas are both well serviced and will continue to be, acknowledging they are growth hubs with a strong work sector, public transport and education and health precincts.”

Deputy Commissioner Loy promised that the merger of the two Local Area Commands would not impact on police operations and response times.

“The consolidated Command will have improved flexibility to deploy police to where they are needed and have a greater capacity to improve police response times,” he said.

“The two commands already share Duty Officers and all current services will remain.

“There will be a streamlining of management teams to put more boots on the frontline.

“Officers in Penrith and St Marys have strong ties with the local community and those relationships will continue under the consolidated Command.

“This restructure will ensure better policing practices and better service to the community.”

Last week Shadow Police Minister Guy Zangari warned against the proposed merger.

  • Penrith Proud

    What a load of rubbish.
    20 odd years ago St Marys was a satellite station of Penrith. When Peter Ryan was Commissioner he saw the amount of work back then and made St Marys its own Command. The St Marys and Penrith areas have only grown bigger with many housing developments and industrial estates and will only continue to grow with all the infrastructure to support the new airport near the southern border.
    When NSW Police last merged commands, most moved their frontline police into one station. Where do you think they are going to move the frontline police to; Penrith (regional city, government held seat) or St Marys (Labor seat). The problem is that most of the crime occurs in the current St Marys command (NSW Bureau of Crime Stats). Imagine if you live at Colyton and get home from work and someone is in your house. How long do you think it will take police to get to you from Penrith compared to St Marys?
    It is not just Penrith and St Marys that will be impacted. Every police command in the Western Sydney growth corridor around the Badgerys Creek Airport site has been merged. Penrith-St Marys, Fairfield-Cabramatta, Green Valley-Liverpool, Campbelltown-Mac Fields. What do they all have in common, apart from being in one of the fastest growing areas because of the new Sydney airport site. They are all either safe Govt or safe Labor seats.
    With the Commissioner stating that crime is at a 20 year low, why is he changing the entire police force? Wouldn’t you look at what is working and what is not, then fix the broken parts? This is all about saving money for the Govt, not about getting police back on the frontline. Roll on the 2019 State Election.