Live Pro Wrestling School Hoildays Show

    January 19, 2020, 14:00 @ 2:00 PM – 4:15 PM
    Penrith Gaels Cultural & Sporting Club
    75 Richmond Rd Kingwood
    $10 - $18
    Wrestle Strong Dojo

    Come celebrate the school holidays with a fun professional wrestling show suitable for the whole family from Wrestle Strong Dojo in Partnership with the charity Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia. Matches include both heavyweight and Jnr heavyweight bouts and include an array of different wrestlers and luchadors. Come see the final round of the Heavyweight Tournament and witness which two wrestlers will make it to the final round to take on each other for the Wrestle Strong Dojo Heavyweight title.
    Tickets are only $15 for General Admission and $10 for children under 12yrs for over 2 hours of fun exciting matches.
    Tickets are available online at the door on event day.