Australian BetStop Initiative Marks a Year of Progress

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Australian gamblers who have had issues with gambling in the past can now look back one year since Australia’s BetStop initiative. The aim of this initiative was to assist those who had issues with gambling, especially gambling addiction. One of the main reasons this initiative was started was to provide a national self-exclusion program where gamblers are able to voluntarily ban themselves from betting.

One such good example in the UK is GamStop, a voluntary self-exclusion tool that has made significant changes already by contributing to responsible gambling and educating players on healthier gambling behaviour. Even though many program users are tempted to uninstall GamBan, the tool still sets the right intentions and results in positive changes. 

Let’s go back to BetStop. The self-exclusion program also prevents players from accessing online gambling sites as well as phone gambling services across the country. The minimum amount of time gamblers are able to self-exclude themselves is three months. For players who feel they never want to return to gambling sites again, it is possible to self-exclude for a lifetime. Once a player has been self-excluded, operators must restrict access to their sites and refuse accounts to these gamblers.  

A Wider Effort to Combat Gambling

Operators must also ensure they never send any marketing, promotional, or advertising material to these individuals. On top of this, operators are to advertise BetStop on their websites and in any applications. BetStop has been implemented as the final measure of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering. There are two other measures in place already, which are consistent gambling messaging and staff training. 

BetStop aims to change lives for the better, offering all the assistance and support Aussies need regarding gambling. The Australian government has also implemented a ban on using credit cards for online gambling. The government has also decided to strengthen the classification of certain features in video games, like loot boxes. With the introduction of BetStop, the Australian government has made significant changes to this industry. 

Going forward, Australian gamblers will have so much more support and clarity when it comes to gambling. These new regulations will keep online casino players aware of the dangers of gambling and, therefore, more likely to make wise choices.  

The Signs of Progress

The first year in Australia with the BetStop initiative has seen great progress and some notable achievements. Below are some of the benefits that BetStop has given gamblers in the country.

  • The first year of the BetStop initiative saw a large number of registrations, which illustrates awareness of gambling in Australia. Since the start of BetStop, gamblers in the country have had a proactive stance toward managing gambling behaviours
  • There has been a connection with support services, which BetStop has successfully integrated with. By collaborating with various support services, BetStop has been able to provide help to those that require it the most. Gamblers who are falling into bad habits and even becoming addicted to online gambling have been able to get all the assistance they require. BetStop offers this through counselling, financial advice, and even community support groups. 
  • The BetStop initiative has worked in unison with gambling operators to ensure efficient compliance. This creates a regulated, transparent self-exclusion program for every gambler. As BetStop has such a smooth working arrangement with gambling operators, it helps create a fair, safe, and secure gambling environment. 
  • BetStop has been involved with numerous advertising and public awareness campaigns, which has helped greatly to educate gamblers on the risks associated with online gambling. BetStop campaigns have played a big role in assisting gamblers and reducing the stigma associated with individuals searching for help.
  • BetStop has been consistent in its effort to bring about policy development within the gambling community. It has a strong and robust framework in place to ensure players’ protection. The registration process has been refined, so it is now very efficient and user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, BetStop in Australia has been a huge success. The first year has laid a strong foundation so that in the coming years, there is sure to be fewer gambling issues in the country. BetStop is the technology that has already helped many individuals overcome their gambling habits and become more responsible in their lives.

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