Melissa McIntosh to serve as Shadow Assistant Minister

Melissa McIntosh is a strong supporter of Head to Health.
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Federal Lindsay MP Melissa McIntosh will serve as Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Opposition Leader Peter Dutton’s Shadow Cabinet.

Ms McIntosh has been rewarded after winning a second term as Lindsay MP and defying the national trend by achieving a swing to the Liberal Party at last month’s election.

“As the Member for Lindsay, I have been a strong advocate for my community’s mental health needs, and I’m proud to have delivered Australia’s first Head to Health adult mental health centre in Penrith,” Ms McIntosh said.

“I understand the challenges many Australians face, and how important access to support is when someone is in need. In particular, as a mother, I understand the challenges and pressures our children face day to day, this will be a key focus of my attention as Shadow Assistant Minister.

“As Shadow Assistant Minister I will fight for greater access to support and on-the-ground local services across the nation, as well as early intervention programmes.”

Ms McIntosh promised to work “collaboratively” with the Labor Government to achieve positive outcomes in regard to issues that her new shadow responsibilities cover.

“It is also my responsibility to keep the Government accountable for their policies, and election commitments in the mental health and suicide prevention space,” she said.

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