In The Spotlight: Let’s eat fresh at Baker’s Choice

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Whether you’re wanting bread, cakes, or hot food, there’s no better place to get it than your local bakery. At Eastern Creek Quarter, there’s no doubt that Baker’s Choice should be your go-to.

With a long family history in the baking industry, it’s no surprise that Baker’s Choice manager, Tammy Tu, is the best in the business.

“My dad was born in Vietnam and had to leave because of the war, eventually residing in New Zealand. From there he started in the baking industry over 30 years ago, opening his first bakery in New Zealand before migrating over to Australia and opening more bakeries throughout western Sydney,” she said.

“Baking is ingrained in our family with my brother and sister also owning their own bakeries in western Sydney.”

And it’s this family orientation that extends to their customers, helping Ms Tu and her staff to not only provide the best food, but also the best customer service.

“Having a relationship with our customers is an important aspect in our everyday operations. The smell that wafts out of our shop also helps with bringing in the customers!” Ms Tu said.

“We have staff coming instore every night from midnight to start the process of baking fresh bread for our customers, so it’s fresh daily for our customers.”

In fact, it’s their friendly service and relationships with their regular customers that the business prides itself on.

“Although we don’t know all our loyal customers by name, we know many of them by their friendly smiles and we love knowing that our fresh products keep our customers coming back time and time again,” Ms Tu said.

Head to Baker’s Choice for all your bakery needs. Or see their full menu available on Menulog.

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