Battle for Luddenham: Don’t let our town die a slow death

Luddenham residents Wayne Willmington and Patrick Darley-Jones want the town to survive. Photo: Melinda Jane.
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Luddenham residents are fighting a possible plan that would stop future houses being built in the historic town.

Locals say an objection by Western Sydney Airport Corporation (WSA Co) to the NSW Department of Planning regarding noise issues would lead to the community dying.

President of the Luddenham Progress Association, Wayne Willmington said four scenarios were suggested last year regarding the future of the town with the new Aerotropolis and airport.

“Option four was recommended by State Planning, it was chosen by the residents, both Liverpool and Penrith Councils acknowledged it was the best option and Melissa McIntosh, Angus Taylor, Stuart Ayres and Tanya Davies, all support it,” he said.

“After the public consultation finished WSA Co made a submission to NSW Planning opposing any new housing in Luddenham even outside the noise contours which I believe will kill the town and they haven’t offered up an alternative.”

Secretary of the Association and resident of 39 years, Patrick Darley-Jones said the lack of consultation with the community is upsetting.

“WSA Co is a federal body interfering on a state issue yet the WSA CEO Simon Hickey and Minister for Cities, Paul Fletcher will not meet or talk to residents who will be impacted,” he said.

“They haven’t objected to housing for Bradfield on the opposite side so it is madness that they will not allow us when the village already has families leaving.”

A WSA spokesperson said future impacts are front of mind for the planning stage.

“In raising concerns about the idea of growing from around 450 people to thousands living immediately next door to a major airport, we’re thinking about the community now and decades into the future,” the spokesperson said.

“The decision is one for the NSW Government. WSA is one of many parties that has made a public submission to the options proposed.”

A spokesperson from Mr Fletcher’s office also maintained the decision would be settled by the State Government.

“As a Government Business Enterprise, WSA Co maintains operational independence and is required to act in the best interest of the airport,” the spokesperson said.

“Issues relating to planning and development of Luddenham is a matter for NSW Planning.”

Mr Willmington said the residents will not stop campaigning until the matter is resolved.

“There is a lot of emotion around town with this and the residents are not going to stop until WSA Co withdraws their objection and saves Luddenham,” he said.

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