At The Movies: Marry Me

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Verdict: 4.5/5

Channelling ‘Notting Hill’ with a 2022 twist, ‘Marry Me’ represents the modern revival of the romantic-comedy.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Kat Valdez – an international pop star who spontaneously marries a random audience member named Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) during a concert performance, after finding out that her fiancé Bastian (Maluma) cheated on her with her assistant.

In an attempt to keep the tabloids at bay, the two agree to stick at the relationship for three months and see where things go, despite their vastly different walks of life.

Though J.Lo has proved herself to be an incredible rom-com lead time and time again, with her performances in films such as ‘Maid in Manhattan’ and ‘Second Act’ crowning her the queen of the genre in the eyes of many, it’s Wilson whose charming and grounded portrayal of the love interest makes you root for the seemingly impossible relationship.

Plus, with flawless musical performances from J.Lo and Maluma throughout, the film really is an event in itself, worthy of a cinema release in the era of streaming.

A unique concept with casting that sparks curiosity, ‘Marry Me’ delivers the rom-com fantasy in the best way possible, with a predictable yet tear-jerking happy ending, and enough wholesome moments throughout to keep viewers saying ‘YES’.

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