Sydney Bathroom Renovation Company Reveals 6 Design Trends For 2022

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Home renovations are part of the Australian culture. In February 2021, Australians were spending over $1 billion a month on renovating their properties.

One significant factor contributing to a rise in home renovations is the Covid 19 pandemic. Households have been homebound and unable to spend their income on travel or entertainment as much, and have spent a significant period of time at home during the state’s multiple lockdowns. These two factors resulted in an increase in homeowners investing in improving the space that they live in, for the purpose of having the home of their dreams or to add value in preparation for selling in such a hot property market like the one here in Sydney.

Bathrooms are one of the most renovated areas of a home. Insight into the latest bathroom renovation trends is provided by DCON group, a Sydney bathroom renovations company.

1. Use of mixed building materials

One trend that you’ll see more of in 2022 is the mixing of textures, tones and materials. One material that has been extremely popular in bathroom renovations throughout Sydney is engineered timber, which enables timber to be used in wet areas without compromise on durability.

A popular choice is the combination of engineered timber or tiles that appear like timber aesthetically, with stone. For example, the “Japandi” look is a popular design request in 2022, this trend refers to the fusion of Japanese inspired design features with Scandinavian, the result is a sleek and minimalist design with a fusion of materials. In regards to this design, engineered timber is often used on a feature wall, because the material is moisture-resistant it is not an issue in regards to longevity, this is often used as a complementary feature to polished concrete flooring or stone vanities.

In 2021, the top two flooring trends included tiles that looked like hardwood flooring and Terrazzo tiles. In 2022, the shift to minimalist, natural-looking materials in neutral tones is the rage in Sydney. Last year bathroom renovations often featured patterned tiles such as hexagon tiles or a ‘Moroccan style’ pattern, however, there is a move away from the busy look of a feature tile to a more sleek and minimalist monochrome colour and tone. Another trend with using mixed building materials, especially with tiling, is to use them in curved shapes and organic forms, a move away from square angles and sharp lines.

2. Merging of indoor-outdoor through design elements

In theme with the other trends for bathroom renovations in 2022, a big emphasis that clients request is to merge outdoor and indoor, without compromising comfort. One way that renovation teams can achieve this by design is to increase the amount of natural light entering the room.

When designing a bathroom, natural light is an important feature to consider. If there are existing windows, the design team will need to consider whether these windows enable sufficient natural light to enter or whether the space could benefit from the introduction of new windows or a skylight. Windows enable the illusion of merging the outdoor with the interior of the bathroom without compromising on warmth or privacy.

The functionality of increased ventilation through more windows in a bathroom will result in improved longevity of building materials simply due to less moisture becoming stagnant in a room and more natural light reducing mould growth.

In particular, ensuite bathroom designs will move towards incorporating more natural light into the small space, which results in a space appearing larger, warmer and can be a key element in elevating a bathroom to a stunning feature of a home.

3. Monochromic earthy colours with black accents

In recent years there was a move to white and black with bold accent colours, however, we’re now starting to see more demand for natural, muted tones of white, terracotta, greens, slate and clay as base colours with black accents.

This trend may be a response to the need to have a peaceful, sanctuary-like environment in an uncertain, unpredictable environment outside. Whatever the reason, earthy tones are the way to go for a stunning, timeless look.

4. Walk-in showers or full wet rooms

In high-end bathrooms, there has been a trend to design walk-in showers and full wet rooms. The space appears larger with a glass partition between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. When constructing this type of bathroom, it is vital that contractors get the drainage right, because water gets dispersed over a much larger area.

A popular design feature in high-end bathrooms is to have a feature wall of some kind whether timber slats or tiles that look like polished concrete, with a frameless glass partition wall highlighting this feature wall to the rest of the room.

5. Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are not new to 2022, but they will continue to be a popular design feature in high end homes across NSW. By positioning a free-standing bath towards the centre of the room, the bath becomes the main feature. For smaller bathrooms and ensuites, a built-in bath is still the preferred option simply in the effort to optimise existing space.

Round and oval-shaped baths and basins fit the organic, natural theme of 2022 bathroom trends with homeowners choosing curved shapes and organic forms over square and angular features.

6. Increased use of technology

Heated flooring is a functional design feature that is popular especially in high-end homes that have had substantially renovated bathrooms. The addition of heated flooring has become more accessible this year than in the past, heated flooring is an additional cost, we’re now seeing that Sydney home owners are willing to invest in comfort.

The non-touch technology of hotels and other types of high-end accommodation is also on the rise. With the pandemic and the awareness of transmission and the push towards non-touch sinks, toilets and lights, this trend is infiltrating into bathroom designs of your everyday home. The benefits of this technology include reducing contamination as well as the added luxury of non-touch technology that is no longer reserved for high-end commercial buildings.


In 2022, bathrooms of more modern styles will be popular in new builds and renovations. In particular, the demand for natural earthy tones with black accents can create a stunning atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming.

For high-end bathrooms, there has been a growing interest in walk-in showers and wet rooms which result in a more spacious feeling. For even more inspiration, check out DCON Group’s list of bathroom renovation ideas.

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