Brad blows up: Health Minister unhappy with “juvenile, moronic” behaviour

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.
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Health Minister Brad Hazzard has blasted those uploading fake COVID information to Service NSW, revealing he himself has been a victim of the “malicious” activity.

Mr Hazzard labelled the activity, where somebody declares another person as COVID-positive, as “irresponsible and “moronic”.

“We introduced the Rapid Antigen Tests as something you can register and the purpose of that is to enable to the public health team to keep track of Omicron and Delta… throughout our community,” he said.

“I am aware of some reports that some people think it’s a joke to put in false reports to Health and to Service NSW about somebody being positive.

“I heard those reports and can now speak from personal experience. I received notification yesterday and again today from Service NSW and NSW Health that apparently somebody has put my name in there as being a positive Rapid Antigen Test.

“It’s extremely irresponsible. You’re undermining what the public health team is trying to do to keep the entire community safe. It’s juvenile, it’s moronic and it’s so disappointing to think you would undermine an incredibly hard working public health team.”

Mr Hazzard said a $5000 fine would apply to anyone who misrepresents facts in relation to COVID-19 tests.

“The police will come hunting,” he said.

“Just cease all that activity. It’s quite moronic.”

Mr Hazzard also hinted the return to the office for many people would be further delayed, with no sign that restrictions and work from home encouragement will ease next week as planned.

“If you’re an employer or an employee you remember the rule that if possible you work from home from the time being,” he said.

“We’d obviously like to get people back to their workplaces but at the present time there is an Order… it is essential those Public Health Orders be complied with.”

He also urged people to reconsider large at-home gatherings while the Omicron surge continues.

“The more people you are with, the more the risk,” he said.

“If you can have a lesser number of people at home that would be good.

“Picnics are great… it’s a lovely time of year. Get out and picnic.”

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