Major parties rule, but close battle for remaining spots on Council

Jim Aitken appears to have a fight on his hands in South Ward.
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Counting at the Penrith Council elections is well underway, with final voting numbers, bar postal votes, expected to be known this afternoon.

Polls closed at 6pm last night, with candidates now anxiously awaiting the results.

As at 8.30am, the major parties look set to hold two spots each in Council’s three wards, with battles heating up for fifth spot.

In South Ward, the Liberals are in the lead with 32.48 per cent of the vote followed by the Labor ticket on 28.18 per cent.

Independent and long-time Councillor Jim Aitken will need to see his numbers increase if he is to retain his seat, with Independent Sue Day currently the front-running Independent in South Ward.
South Ward pre-poll votes cast at Penrith Library and St Marys are yet to be counted.

South Ward (21,734 votes counted so far)
Group A: Jim Aitken (Independent) – 13.12%
Group B: Sue Day (Independent) – 14.88%
Group C: Mark Davies (Liberal) – 32.48%
Group D: Karen McKeown (Labor) – 28.18%
Ungrouped: Abigail Nash (Independent) – 0.39%

Independent candidate Sue Day.

The Liberal ticket has a marginal lead in North Ward, holding 31 per cent of the votes as at 8.30am, with Labor a close second on 30.87 per cent.

Independent Kevin Crameri is currently in a favourable position to grab the fifth spot, with Independent Marcus Cornish in trouble with only 9.01 per cent of the votes.

North Ward votes cast at Penrith Library pre-poll and Werrington Public School are yet to be counted.

North Ward (26,147 votes counted so far)
Group A: Tyler Wheatley (Independent) – 5.82%
Group B: Kevin Crameri (Independent) – 14.1%
Group C: John Thain (Labor) – 30.87%
Group D: Marcus Cornish (Independent) – 9.01%
Group E: Ross Fowler (Liberal) – 31%

In East Ward, Labor has a healthy margin with 36.99 per cent of the votes followed by the Liberal ticket on 29.57 per cent.

It is unclear who will clinch fifth spot, with Australia First’s Lili Orrock currently claiming 7.3 per cent of the vote.

East Ward votes cast at two pre-polling locations plus Kingswood Public School and St Clair Public School are yet to be counted.

East Ward (19,982 votes counted so far)
Group A: Sascha Vukmirica (Independent) – 4.17%
Group B: Melanie Holdsworth (Independent) – 5.42%
Group C: Lili Orrock (Australia First) – 7.3%
Group D: Todd Carney (Labor) – 36.99%
Group E: Marlene Shipley (Independent) – 6.83%
Group F: Tricia Hitchen (Liberal) 29.57%

Postal votes across all wards are being accepted until December 17.

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