December 4 Council Election: East Ward

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East Ward is currently represented by five Councillors, including current Deputy Mayor Tricia Hitchen.

It takes in some of Penrith’s newer suburbs, like Caddens, as well as older areas like Colyton and major population hubs like St Clair and St Marys.

Of the current Councillors, only Greg Davies is not recontesting.

East Ward is the only Ward in which the Australia First Party is running a candidate. Lili Orrock leads the ticket with Michelle Burgess, Daniel Cooper, Lee Orrock and Ann Harris.

Deputy Mayor Tricia Hitchen leads the Liberal ticket with sitting Councillor, Bernard Bratusa, her number two, followed by James Hill, Glynis Hayne and Paul Mead.

Todd Carney leads Labor’s ticket with sitting Councillor, Robin Cook, plus Rob Horne, Garion Thain and Edwin Mifsud.

A number of independent tickets also feature in East Ward.

Sasha Vukmirica leads Felecia Granger, Debra Heffernan, Julie Mayor and Maria Vukmirica, while Melanie Holdsworth leads Elisa Todesco, Cherie Jones, Marianne Holdsworth and Tara Holdsworth.

Marlene Shipley also heads an independent ticket alongside Faye Aboghazaleh, Joanne Tomic, Amanda Shepherd and Kirstie Cromar.

Suburbs in East Ward

Caddens, Claremont Meadows, Colyton, Erskine Park, Kemps Creek, parts of Kingswood, Mount Vernon, North St Marys, Orchard Hills, Oxley Park, St Clair and St Marys.

Where to vote in East Ward

Banks Public School, Bennett Road Public School, Blackwell Public School, Caddens Baptist Church, Clairgate Public School, Claremont Meadows Public, James Erskine Public, Kingswood Public, Orchard Hills Uniting Church, Oxley Park Public School, Penrith PCYC, St Clair Public, St Marys Memorial Hall, St Marys North Public, St Marys South Public School.

East Ward Candidates – In Their Own Words

Sascha Vukmirica - Independent

The people of Penrith matter.


It’s why I decided to run because I want to have a hand in shaping Penrith into a place I am proud to call home, and also ensure that the people of Penrith have someone who will listen and take action on issues that are important to them.


For over 20 years I have lived, worked and played in Penrith. I know first-hand that it’s an amazing area with so many hidden gems and untapped potential for the future.


I know that the people of Penrith are friendly, decent and hardworking and they deserve a fair go and an amazing place to live in.


I want to make sure that we can all live, work and play in a Penrith that is capable of reaching its greatest potential.


We have to ensure that Penrith is an affordable and sustainable place to live in and that rates don’t continue to sky rocket.


We have to ensure that we have adequate places to park when we work and support local businesses.


We have to ensure that whatever change the Aerotropolis and future development brings to the area will only enhance and serve the people of Penrith both now and in the future.


If I’m elected, I will be a positive force that will help Penrith become the best possible version of itself, while making sure that I’m available to the community when they need someone to talk to and advocate on their behalf.


‘People before politics’ is my motto and helping to make Penrith stand out as the best place in Sydney to live, work and play is my goal.


Also on the Sascha Vukmirica ticket: Felicia Granger-Martin, Debra Heffernan, Julie Mayor, Maria Vukmirica.

Melanie Holdsworth - Independent

I am running as an Independent for Council because I genuinely care about the area I live in and the people here.


As a true Independent I am not a member of a political party. I am not preferencing anyone and


I am not taking donations, so you know without a doubt who you are voting for.


I am an Australian who came to this country in 1987. My heritage is English, Maori and Scottish, my husband is sixth generation Australian-born and our children seventh.


Being an East Ward local, for me means, going to the Colyton Fish and Chip shop on Friday nights to get takeaway for over 25 years, or the smile on the kids’ faces when they get a free lolly at Guido’s after a haircut.


My priority is to listen to your voice to lead change. I have a solid business background and multiple qualifications – check out my candidate info statement at to find out more. I can do what needs to be done to make things happen.


I believe it’s time to vote for me. I will play an active role on Council so that the voices in our community are heard.


You have a vote, and it can make a real difference, so why not use it to give an East Ward local a chance? After all this is the Local Government elections.


Vote 1 Group B for East Ward to be part of the change!


Also on the Melanie Holdsworth ticket: Elisa Todesco, Cherie Jones, Marianne Holdsworth, Tara Holdsworth.

Lili Orrock – Australia First

I am the East Ward candidate who says ‘no’ to those who will compromise our lifestyle and our heritage in Penrith.


I have dealt with various Local Government bureaucracies on behalf of businesses and workers. I have been both employer and employee: I have learned how to advocate for people based on ethical principles.


I have campaigned that the future of Penrith’s local businesses, food producers and workers isn’t good.


A third Sydney CBD, the Inland Railway, the Aerotropolis, will not actually employ locals.


As a developing ‘special economic zone’ all this is for visa labour and foreign businesses.


I prefer Penrith’s economy benefits its own citizens.


In contrast to the Liberal and Labor parties, my commitments do not comply with the multinationals or other corporations and aren’t based upon globalism.


The Aerotropolis and Nancy-Bird Walton Airport development will create man-made climate change with destruction of farms and wildlife with occasional temperatures of 50 degrees for Penrith.


Penrith Council commits a dereliction of duty.


While there are homeless, older women living in cars or parks in our City, Council darkly envisions sand minding the Nepean for development, foreign controlled freight hubs, full urbanisation on flood plains and building high-rise.


I will be a relentless campaigner for those homeless women, for those who may lose their land to the Inland Railway, for our natural environment and for the higher cause of Australian Independence.


I would ensure that empowered vested interests cannot manipulate Council at the expense of its citizens.


Also on the Lili Orrock ticket: Michelle Burgess, Daniel Cooper, Crystal Orrock, Ann Harris.

Todd Carney - Labor

Over the past five years I have had the great privilege to represent the people of East Ward on Penrith City Council.
During these five years,


I have worked with the community to fight against the proposed waste incinerator which would have had a detrimental impact on the residents of East Ward.


I have been fighting against the State Government’s SEPP which has allowed clustering of boarding houses in areas like Kingswood, and will continue to work with the community to fight against the impact of poor planning rules by the State Government in the next term of Council.


We have had some great outcomes for our community with better play equipment, improved roads, more footpaths, a splash pad for Erskine Park and better community amenities.


These works have been well-received by the community, but a lot more needs to be done for the residents in East Ward.


Over the next term my focus will be on continuing to improve community amenities, ensure Council has a master plan for St Marys Town Centre, which utilises the benefits of the Badgerys Creek Airport Rail Link to drive investment, provide jobs and create a precinct that the community needs and deserves.


I will also be working with my fellow Labor Councillors to continue the work we have done to mitigate the impact of heat in our community and cool our City.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Councillor Greg Davies for his mentoring over the past five years and I wish him all the best for the future.


Also on the Todd Carney ticket: Robin Cook, Robert Horne, Garion Thain, Edwin Mifsud.

Marlene Shipley - Independent

I have lived, worked and raised my family in the Penrith area for over 28 years, and I believe that East Ward is often overlooked and not given the recognition and priority it deserves when it comes to funding and better business, lifestyle and recreational decisions.


I want to be a strong voice at Council and stand up for all East Ward residents to ensure they are fairly represented. I strongly believe that East Ward deserves better.


Many residents will know me from my role as CEO of St Marys Diggers and Band Club. I have proudly served the community club for over 28 years.


My leadership role as a CEO gives me a depth of experience in administration, finance, marketing and events, and allows me to work with local community groups, and people, where I have gained an insight into the needs of the area. I also volunteer my time on numerous boards.


My family understands, respects and supports my ambitions to do more for the local community, to make it a better place to live, both now and for future generations.


I have worked and been part of the social fabric of St Marys and the surrounding area for several decades.


My husband also grew up and went to school in St Marys and has operated an electrical business here for over 38 years.


I enjoy the history, the diversity of culture, but most of all I love the people.


I want to ensure East Ward has a genuine and meaningful voice so that we can work towards a better, more liveable, more functional, and more sustainable community for all.


Also on the Marlene Shipley ticket: Faye Aboghazaleh, Joanne Tomic, Amanda Shepherd, Kirstie Cromar.

Tricia Hitchen - Liberal

I truly love this City and I love to give back to a community that has given me so much.


I’ve lived here almost all my life and started my own family here.


I served as a local Police Officer for 24 years and our family business has been operating in Penrith for over 60 years. Now my children have started their families here, so I am well invested in ensuring that Penrith is always the best it can be.


I’m so proud to have worked to ensure better outcomes in future development in Oxley Park and was instrumental in the funding and development of the student-designed Brisbane Street Park.


I fought for the upgrade to the St Clair Dog Park and following that success I’m eager to continue advocating for off-leash dog parks in Claremont Meadows and North St Marys.


It’s a passion of mine that our City be a place that is accessible to all. Pram ramps, accessible pathways, upgrades and adult changing rooms have ensured everyone has access.


I have been the Chair of Council’s Access Committee for the last five of my 15 years – ensuring everything is viewed through the lens of disability.


I’ve loved helping establish the Kingswood community garden and the food and book pantries.


I’ve been able to make a real difference locally – as President of Orchard Hills P&C, Director on the Nepean Medical Research Foundation, Penrith CBD Corp, Ripples Leisure Centres, St Marys Town Centre Board and The Haven Women’s Shelter.


A most memorable moment was being honoured with the Westfield Local Heroes Award 2020 for my work with The Haven.


I’m humbled by your support; it will help me ensure the best outcomes for our City as it continues to grow.


Also on the Tricia Hitchen ticket: Bernard Bratusa, James Hill, Glynis Hayne, Paul Mead.

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